Long Beach Whale Conservation

In Long Beach we love our sea life. They brighten our day, are a vital part of our eco system and provide an important component to the local economy by supporting the Long Beach fisheries, hotels, restaurants, whale watching tours, aquariums and harbor. Through recognizing and respecting these beautiful creatures we guarantee the diversity of sea life for generations to come and preserve the health of local businesses.

California recently took a step to assist in the protection of costal sea life with the creation of sea traffic lanes. These new lanes channel the routes of large vessels traveling to California ports through specific paths. The paths will help to steer large ship traffic away from where the whales tend to congregate and will help to reduce the tragic occurrence of whale and ship collisions.

This is great news for the migrating humpback, blue and fin whales which tend to be especially prone to ship collisions in this highly sea trafficked area. With an estimated population of 2,000 for each whale in the northeast Pacific, any whale lost to these accidents represents a significant portion their population. Ports all along the California coast have joined up to make this possible: Long Beach, Santa Barbara, San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles.

We couldn’t be happier. California is acting to make the seas safer for these ancient creatures and while this is in no doubt a step in the right direction more must be done to repopulate the ocean with these giant mammals.

Long Beach Shipping Lanes