Charter Trip FAQ

  • What should we bring to make the most of our trip?

    Sunblock  and a hat is always recommended, although there is plenty of shade inside and in the cockpit for the fare skinned, you can also bring your iPod to play your favorite music.
  • Are the trips smoking or non smoking?

    Smoking is allowed in the cockpit or out on the bow, ashtrays are available.
  • Can tours be extended?

    You can most always extend your cruise, just talk to the captain and see how his schedule is.
  • Can we bring snacks

    You are encouraged to bring food and snacks on your outing.
  • Is there a refrigerator or an ice-box to keep food in?

    There is a refrigerator as well as a small cooler onboard, let the captain know ahead of time if you have items that need to be refrigerated so that he can make adequate room for your items.
  • What is the best season to see marine life?

    All year around is a good time to see marine life, of course the best times are late summer and the fall.
  • What sort of marine life is there off the southern California coast?

    California Gray Whales and Blue Whales are the most sought after mammal to see during any off-shore trip, but you can almost always expect to see Pods of Dolphins, Pelicans, Seagulls and California Sea lions basking in the sun on top of the buoys.
  • Are custom tours available?

    You can schedule any type of custom tour or cruise to your liking, some of which include: Coastal cruise, marine life and ocean filming for videos and movies, private party booze cruise, off-shore surfing trips, scuba diving, sun tanning cruise or what ever your imagination can dream up.
  • What amenities are included with the trip?

    The¬†Island Trader always has free bottled water for her guests, as well as sodas and beverage’s for reasonable fee. We also have a private bathroom (Head) and a full galley, third floor viewing area and a BBQ available too.