Catalina Island Cruise

The Catalina Island cruise is typically an overnight charter.

Depending on late afternoon winds and seas, we try our hardest to make the cruise comfortable and safe.


 Island Trader departs her dock in downtown Long Beach early in the morning of the cruise, the trip across the channel to the island is approximately 3 hours, and during this time hopefully we will see Dolphins and possibly whales. The first stop is the somewhat secluded Isthmus harbor, which is on the west end of Catalina Island; you will have time for exploring, take in some hiking, maybe some snorkeling or do a little  kayaking around the bay. We then take a scenic coastal cruise along the inside coast of the island, exploring inlets and coves. We will then end up on the east end at the beautiful city of Avalon, where you can take in dining, or do some shopping. For exciting entertainment I recommend the zip-lining experience. For the more faint at heart, you can take the  glass bottom boat cruise and submarine tours or explore the interior of the island with the Hummer tour. Please see there website below for more information about things to do during the Catalina Island cruise.
The Catalina Island Cruise is a private charter, so it is only you and your family or friends.